Custom Hearing Protection for Work and Play

A variety of options to fit your specific needs

Loud noises and other stressors could potentially damage your hearing, but noisy environments are often a part of our daily lives. With custom hearing protection from Echo Hearing Systems & Audiology, Inc., you can work and play with the peace of mind that you’re taking the necessary precautions to protect your sense of hearing.

Custom earmolds for headphones


These “made just for you” earmolds attach directly to your headphones to help create a perfect, comfortable fit. They fit a standard-sized earbud with a select-a-vent for acoustic tuning. The earmold has an external adaptor to fit the bud by slightly turning and pushing at the same time. It can attach directly to earbuds or headset devices for a perfect fit and higher sound clarity.


Custom Audio Monitors and Stage Monitors for Musicians


Custom monitors from Tunz are created specifically for each wearer, helping to deliver superior sound quality and a secure fit. Tunz Custom Audio Monitors are ideal for MP3 players, gaming devices, and computers. They can provide the ultimate in comfort and clarity because they are designed to fit perfectly and block out unwanted noise. Tunz Custom Stage Monitors are excellent for musicians, designed to offer natural, balanced sound and pure, rich tones that can give you total control of your stage mix. Custom-fit for your ears, they aim to block unwanted noise and can eliminate the need for traditional stage wedge monitors.

Filtered Earplugs for Musicians


As a musician, you’re constantly around loud noises that threaten your valuable sense of hearing. Filtered earplugs are designed to protect musicians’ hearing while delivering crystal-clear sound across all frequencies.


Hearing Protection for Hunters


Without adequate protection, a gun’s blast can leave your ears ringing. Protect your ears from the harmful effects of a muzzle blast while hunting with hearing solutions designed to extend the range of your hearing, not limit it.


Industrial Noise Protection


Hearing loss can be an occupational hazard for many different types of workers. Plus, even general exposure to loud noise during some of your favorite recreational activities can hurt your ears. Protect your ears from loud noise levels while at work or play with advanced industrial noise protection solutions.


Floatable Swim Earplugs


For both casual swimmers and serious athletes, water in the ears can be a real threat to your hearing. Waterproof and custom-made for the wearer, floatable swim plugs can offer protection for those prone to ear infections or other ear problems. They are made of our super-soft hydrophobic silicone material, which can come in a variety of colors, including glow-in-the-dark.

Start Protecting Your Ears Today

Whether you've experienced untreated hearing loss or you’re starting a new job that has exposure to loud noises, it’s important to protect your ears with high-quality protective earwear. Echo Hearing Systems & Audiology, Inc. is your go-to source for custom hearing protection and personalized hearing solutions. Contact us online or call us today at (614) 457-5848 to learn more.