Hearing Aid Repair in Columbus & Powell, OH

Common Hearing Aid Repairs

Many hearing aid repairs and maintenance issues are simple, like a hearing aid professional cleaning or repairing minor damages. Echo Hearing Systems & Audiology repairs hearing aids for many different reasons, including: 

Hook Damage – A simple yet common problem with hearing aids is hook damage. If you notice your hearing aid isn’t staying in place, we will repair or replace the hook.
Clogged Connector Tube Hearing aids often interrupt the ear’s natural process of eliminating ear wax. We can replace the tube if you experience a clogged connector tube due to ear wax.
Damaged Microphone – If your microphone is broken or damaged, we will either send it to the manufacturer or repair it onsite.
Damaged Battery A damaged battery is often due to a faulty or loose wire. We will examine the hearing aid to find the cause of the battery problem and repair it.

Do I Need A Repair or Replacement Hearing Aid?

The reality is that no hearing aid will last forever. We can replace many parts and components of hearing aids replaced without the need to purchase a new device. The best thing to remember is that most hearing aids don’t suddenly stop working regardless of their age. If you’re having difficulty hearing on your current model, we will examine your hearing aid to determine if you need a replacement.


Do You Accept Insurance? 

Yes! We are proud to work with most insurance companies and third-party payers to ensure your hearing aid repairs are affordable and reliable. We know hearing clearly is essential, so we encourage you to speak with us about payment options.


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Our team understands the importance of the optimal performance of your hearing aids. We’re proud to perform as many in-house hearing aid repairs as possible. We’ll repair your hearing aids as quickly and efficiently as possible to restore your ability to hear clearly. Contact us today to schedule a hearing aid repair!