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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.







My 90 year old mother is currently being served by Dr Nancy Stewart, Echo Hearing, 1570 Fishinger Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221. My mom has dementia and requires skilled interpersonal interaction along with technical expertise. Dr Nancy has the highest levels of both! I've recommended Echo Hearing on Fishinger to many community members. Also, great office support.

Hollie G

This is to let you know that I am a patient at Echo Hearing with Audiologist Dr. Nancy Stewart, at 1570 Fishinger Road, Upper Arlington Ohio. She is extremely knowledgeable and she explained all the steps in the test. After I informed her that I am an electrical engineer with knowledge about audio filters and frequency compensation.she shared more technical aspects of the various products, thus giving me a very good basis for choosing the product that I wanted.

Jose C

Dr. Theresa Shevetz was very pleasant and very detailed in her examination of my hearing concerns. She explained the different levels of hearing devices when I was making a decision on what was needed.  
Her follow up appointments were very thorough.  
I highly recommend her not only because of here professionalism but also for her caring manner.

Connie B

"Just keep doing what you do, I think it's awesome!"


"I love going to Dr. Theresa Sokol Shevetz! I wish all my doctor visits were that wonderful!"


"I sincerely appreciated the attention and helpfulness of the audiologist!"


My Mother, Marie Monett and I were recently at your Upper Arlington location.  We wanted to express our gratitude to Nancy.  Nancy was wonderful with Marie, very patient and she was so great with her hearing test and explaining how to use her new hearing aids.  In a world full of negativity, we wanted to reach out to you to let you know what a GREAT asset Nancy is to your company. 

Suzanne H.

"I wouldn't change a thing!"

Jay T.

"I couldn't be more pleased with the service and friendship I have received.  She always made me feel comfortable and never felt rushed.  Thank you."

Marguerite W.

"I was very pleased with everything about Echo Hearing and have passed out cards from you."

Phyllis F.

"Everything has worked like a well oiled machine."

Jacqueline T.

"Dr. nancy Stewart is very knowledgeable and has been an invaluable help to my husband.  After years of procrastinating about getting hearing aids, he is adjusting to them and gaining confidence in social settings.  Thank you!" 

Jo B.

"KARYN FLYNN ROCKS!  She answered all my questions comprehensively and was a pleasure to work with."

Saundra G.

"She {the audiologist} was so helpful getting the right hearing aid and getting approval through my insurance.  The receptionist was very pleasant."

Karen G.

"The office is very easy to get to.  The staff is wonderful and very knowledgeable!!! I love them!"

Grace W.

"Loved the service I got from them."

Vonda C.

"I have already recommended your practice to a neighbor.  Excellent service and genuine interest in providing solutions.  Dr. Stewart made sure my needs were met and thouroughly explained the equipment and settings."

Michael K.

"My family and my Mother wanted you to know how much we appreciated your professional help and kindness in getting my Mother's lost hearing aids replaced. 

From diligently looking through the reords to find the warranty on the one hearing aid, to arranging for her to have an appointment with Dr. Nash for ear wax removal and a hearing test the same day!! Then you made room for her in your schedule that same afternoon for the hearing aid molds. That was amazing! 

My sister picked up the hearing aids from the Bexley office last Tuesday. I know my Mother's quality of life will be greatly improved now. We just can't thank you enough."


Earl Bruce, Hearing Aid, Ohio State, Columbus, OH, Echo Hearing Systems & Audiology, INC.

"Thank you to everyone at Echo Hearing Systems and Audiology. My new hearing aids are great, I hardly know they are in my ears! I am so pleased with how easy they are to use too! The staff's training has been wonderful. I can actually hear again when in crowds and at church. Thanks again."   

Earle Bruce

"I wanted to thank you for the great job you have done on my hearing aids. After your last adjustment I have been hearing really well. I feel that these aids are the best ones that I have ever had!"

Jim, Columbus, OH

"Thank you for knowing your job so well!  My hearing aids work better than they have ever worked before, even better than when they were new.  I am a very happy person!"

Margaret Henry, Marion, OH

"You and Karyn really are very special to me.  Both of you demonstrate what so many American businesses lack today and that is  customer service.  I feel like I am visiting family when I come to see either of you.   May God bless you today for your generous gift."

Jim Parsons, Columbus, OH

"Echo Hearing has been instrumental in restoring a quality of life for me that had been slowly slipping away.  I have been under their excellent hearing care more then ten years.  They have always been highly professional and provided a very knowledgeable diagnosis and advice.  Additionally, their service is courteous and focused on customer satisfaction.  They have fit me with hearing instruments that have given me very sensitive and acute hearing again.  If you wish to receive better hearing, Echo Hearing is your best choice."

Rich Gallagher

Echo hearing is a great company and Theresa Sokol Shevetz is awesome.  My hearing problems are unique which makes fitting me with hearing aids challenging.  Theresa was patient and worked to ensure I received the best hearing aids possible. Thanks to Theresa and Echo Hearing I can now listen to tv without having the volume so loud that I risk my husbands hearing and when we go out to eat I can now hear what my husband is saying to me where before it was impossible for him to talk to me in restaurants as I could not hear or understand what he was saying. This is my third set of hearing aids and the best fit I have ever had.  The ones in the past fitted by other companies did not seem to help. I still felt isolated and frustrated with my hearing aids. I highly recommend Echo Hearing and Theresa if you want to be able to hear and understand conversations and want excellent customer service.. Thank you Theresa and Echo Hearing for making me feel normal again.

Ruth B

“Recently, my 90+ father lost a hearing aid in the assisted living community in which he resides. As his only surviving son, I concluded he would need new hearing aids.  I reluctantly faced the prospect of approaching the insurance company that holds an annuity in his name to start down the paperwork path to withdraw funds to cover a new pair. However, the missing hearing aid turned up in a clothes dryer and I took it to Karyn to see what could be done. Thanks to her skill and sensitivity in fixing his hearing aid and cleaning his ears, my father left the office with an operative pair after just 20 minutes.  I felt a great burden had been lifted as a result of Karyn’s expertise and experience in such circumstances.”



 A huge thank you for helping me to get my hearing back before Christmas!  I greatly appreciate the quick response, and your willingness to help expedite the situation and get it rectified before Christmas.  I was pretty much in “panic” mode when I first emailed you all on the night of December 18th.  I was convinced that my aides would have to be shipped back to Phonak for the new receiver, and that I probably would not have them until the new year.  It was a very pleasant surprise to have it all taken care of by Thursday afternoon.

 Thanks again for the excellent customer service, and best wishes to everyone at Echo for a happy and healthy 2018!

A very grateful customer,

Wendy B. 

Wendy B

"Very pleased with Dr. Nancy." 

Bexley, OH

Edith S.

"Satified with their service."

Henry D.

"Satified with their service."

Henry D.

"Can't be any better!" 

Mary B.

"Dr. Theresa is friendly, helpful, and professional in every way!"  

Leon K.

"Office staff and Dr. Nancy Stewart are very supportive and understanding!"

Hollie G. & Flora S

"Dr. Theresa is very knowledgeable and kind.  The office is clean and pleasant."  

Martha F.

I deeply value your support and care for your clients. Again, I am most grateful for these new hearing aids.


Very warm and welcoming along with thorough. I will be recommending Dr. Stewart and Echo Hearing to all of my mom's friends. We appreciate the extra care taken knowing how she struggles with dementia and Alzheimer's. 

Suzanne C. for mom Jeanne C.

Dr. Karyn Flynn is a person that I will continue with my hearing care!! 

Dr. Burton L.

Dr. Shevetz did an excellent job testing and explaining results.

Ron C.

Showed interest in me as a patient. Great "bed side manner" and keep on doing what you are doing.

George K.

Everyone did a great job!

Judy B.

Outstanding!! Love you at Echo! So happy.

Frank D.

Professional, yet so kind and friendly! Loved her (Dr. Nancy Stewart)!

Kathy F.

"I can't say enough of the wonderful care given to my husband over the lat 14 years. He was a 'fan" of Theresa! Thank you all."

A. Smith

"Each one of you is an outstanding professional in your field!!"

Burton L., Ph.D.

Just WOW! The level of attentiveness was superior! Friendly, knowledgeable and caring!

Pat R., Upper Arlington, OH

They always go above and beyond to help me out.

Suzanne M., Columbus, OH