Hearing Aid Services in Powell & Columbus, OH

Signs You May Need Hearing Aids

At Echo Hearing Systems & Audiology, Inc., we know what is important when it comes to hearing: a heartwarming "I love you" from your grandchild, leaves rustling in the fall, rain bouncing off the roof, music, or the sound of your favorite television shows. These are the sounds of life you should never miss. Yet, at some point in our lives, many of us experience hearing loss. Surprisingly, it takes most people about seven years to seek hearing care.

Our team of experienced audiologists is here to treat you with high-quality services if you think you may need hearing aids. We're dedicated to treating hearing loss, tinnitus, and providing communication strategies. Some signs you may need our hearing aid services include: 

Constantly needing to turn up the volume to hear
• A dread of noisy restaurants because you cannot hear
Not being able to make out voices clearly
Missing television and movie plots because you cannot hear the lines
Constantly asking people to repeat themselves

Hearing Aid Styles & Technology

We offer innovative, superior hearing aid styles and technology that improve your hearing. Check out some of our styles and technology selections, including: 

  • Rechargeable Solutions – Our rechargeable hearing aid styles include BTE, ITC, ITE, and RIC.  
  • Hearing & Activity Tracking – We offer RIC and BTE hearing aid styles that monitor your activity and engagement health using your smartphone and Thrive Hearing app.
  • Behind-The-Ear – Our BTE hearing aids are offered in Standard, Mini, and Power Plus styles
  • Completely-In-Canal – Our CIC hearing aids are equipped with Arc AI with advanced Audibel Sound, enhanced connection, and a complete style line.
  • In-The-Canal – Our custom-fit ITC hearing aids are offered with innovative technology, including Arc AI, Via Edge AI, Via AI, or Via.
  • Smartphone Compatible – Our smartphone compatible hearing aids are offered in BTE and RIC to let you seamlessly connect your phone and hearing aids.
  • Invisible Products – Our invisible custom-made hearing aids are so small no one can detect them.
  • In-The-Ear – Our customized ITE hearing aids fit within the ear's outer portion and are available with Arc AI, Via Edge AI, Via AI, or Via technology.
  • Receiver-In-Canal – Our RIC hearing products are offered in Micro RIC and standard styles.
  • Tinnitus – Our tinnitus products are designed to relieve you from ringing in the ears.

Contact Hearing Systems & Audiology, Inc.

We understand hearing loss can affect your quality of life. The team at Echo Hearing Systems & Audiology, Inc. is committed to offering the best hearing products available. Schedule a comprehensive hearing test with us to evaluate your hearing and determine if you need hearing aids. We'll help you find the best hearing aid products for you every step of the way. Hearing Systems & Audiology, Inc. is in network with most insurance companies and third-party payers for your convenience. Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

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