Ruth B

“Echo hearing is a great company, and Dr. Shevetz is awesome. My hearing problems are unique which makes fitting me with hearing aids challenging. Theresa was patient and worked to ensure I received the best hearing aids possible. Thanks to Theresa and Echo Hearing, I can now listen to the TV without having the volume so loud that I risk my husbands hearing. When we go out to eat, I can now hear what my husband is saying to me where before I could not hear what he was saying at restaurants. This is my third set of hearing aids, and the best fit I have ever had. The ones in the past fitted by other companies did not seem to help. I still felt isolated and frustrated with my hearing aids. I highly recommend Echo Hearing and Theresa if you want to be able to hear and understand conversations and receive excellent customer service.. Thank you Theresa and Echo Hearing for making me feel normal again.”