What to Expect

We provide personalized hearing care to all individuals to determine whether they have hearing loss or if they may be in need of hearing aid solutions. Your appointment with a hearing care professional will involve a hearing screening and an expert consultation to discuss the evaluation results. Your dedicated hearing professional will discuss your hearing health, help you understand what degree of hearing loss may exist for you, and discuss possible treatment solutions.

Below is what you may typically expect at your hearing appointment:

Hearing Screening

Your hearing care professional will examine and test your ears with the latest standard-of-care methods and technology. Test results will be illustrated and presented on a graph, known as an audiogram. Your hearing professional will review your audiogram results with you, as well as explain the cause of your hearing concerns, the type of hearing loss, and the level of hearing loss, if any exists.

Lifestyle Discussion

This step in the consultation is extremely crucial for your hearing professional to understanding you and your lifestyle. Although they will learn a lot from your audiogram results, no two people with similar hearing test results are the same. Expect your hearing care professional to ask several hearing related questions, as well as questions that pertain to your lifestyle wants and needs. You’ll be asked about the places and listening environments you frequent in order to determine what range of sound settings and technological features fit your lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Options

Your hearing professional will show you the hearing aids that are designed for your level of hearing loss and lifestyle, as well as your preferences for size and color. They will be able to determine what style of hearing aid may be more appropriate for you – a standard hearing aid (a Receiver-in-Canal or Behind-the-Ear) or a custom hearing aid (one that is modeled off of the anatomy of your ear canal). They may also demonstrate the hearing aid’s capabilities.

Budget Discussion

Your hearing professional will help you determine which hearing aids are appropriate for you based on the features that meet your lifestyle wants and needs. The cost of hearing aids will vary depending on the specific model and features, and how effective it is in various noise environments. You’ll also discuss insurance and financing options, if applicable.

Hearing tests should be performed annually. Here at Echo Hearing & Audiology we know that hearing is such a critical aspect of your everyday life – including your career, relationships, physical and mental health, and more — so it’s important to be proactive, thorough, and treat any hearing loss before it turns into something bigger. Call us to schedule your hearing test and consultation today!

Patient Reviews

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Karyn is very knowledgeable. She changed several channels in my hearing aids. Will recommend her to all my friends.

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Daniel Thoma, on Google

After losing his hearing aid, I took my 92-year old Dad, who has severe dementia, in for a hearing test. He’s rather impatient and not a fan of having to wait. Due to her efficient staff, we were in and out in about 45 minutes. Dr Flynn administered a thorough...

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Lyla Damopoulos, on Google

This is a great place Dr Karyn Flynn is amazing! She is professional and personable!! I am so pleased with my hearing aids! It has opened up so many possibilities for me! Thank you again! I recommend this company for any one who wants great service and caring individuals! ♥️

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Marilyn Grover, on Google

Was not impressed with the waiting area not enough seating. Check in very easy not very friendly. Karyn the Audiologist was fantastic made you feel very comfortable and explained everything so you could understand. Would highly recommend her.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Sue Carter, on Google

Dr. Flynn is the BEST! I've been a patient at Echo Hearing for about 16 years and appreciate the professional and knowledgeable care provided by Dr. Karyn Flynn and Dr. Theresa Shevetz. I highly recommend this Practice! Mary Ellen Mazak

Reviewer Profile Photo

Andrew Mazak, on Google

My speaker wire broke. Call made an appointment with excellent service. Thank you so much for the quick fast repair.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Anthony Cantrell, on Google

I’ve been utilizing the products and services at Echo Hearing for over fifteen years now. The quality of their products and the services/maintenance provided is exceptional. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Kathleen Riley, on Google

I was very impressed with Echo Hearing Systems. Theresa was excellent work with and I am very excited with my hearing aids. I would and will highly recommend them. Thank you, Jim Goodman

Reviewer Profile Photo

Jim Goodman, on Google

Theresa the audiologist with Echo Hearing & AUDIOLOGY Powell, was a GOD send for my mother and I. Very professional and informative to my mother and myself, went above and beyond to assist my mother with her difficulties in Hearing. I would be honored to recommend Echo Hearing to all...

Reviewer Profile Photo

Freddy Dipasquale, on Google

Theresa Sokol was so kind to me! All of the Sokol sisters have wonderful people skills. I highly recommend Echo Hearing to anyone, who needs a “soft touch” with such a delicate need as our hearing. Thank you, Theresa, for excusing my lateness. The gentleness you show your patients is...

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Linda Timberlake, on Google

Super customer service, you probably already know Theresa is a super star audiologist she addressed both technical and hearing problems in my annual as l follow up exam.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Joe Elliott, on Google

Experiencing hearing loss, Theresa checked my hearing aid and it was ok. Found some wax in my ear and cleaned it out. Task completed quickly and professionally. Highly recommend Echo and Theresa to anyone with hearing issues.

Reviewer Profile Photo

dave conner, on Google

Very friendly and knowledgeable person, answered all my questions, and put me at ease about wearing hearing aids, I would recommend your service to my friends.

Reviewer Profile Photo

David Carey, on Google

Dr Teresa is exceptional at making you feel comfortable in the office and very professional about your hearing needs. She does a great job of keeping me informed and answering my questions. I’m glad that she is my audiologist.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Mark Michaels, on Google

I appreciated the courtesy and professionalism that I experienced on my first appointment at Echo. Dr. Theresa Sokol Shevetz not only performed the exam I needed, but also was able to detect and remove an ear wax buildup, providing me with an immediate benefit. Thank you for a pleasant introduction...

Reviewer Profile Photo

James Haban, on Google

Very efficient. I am never disappointed with the end result. If I have issues w my hearing aids, I walk out from my appointed satisfied and hearing clearer!

Reviewer Profile Photo

Sue Dew, on Google

Dr. Flynn did a very nice job of questions and answers, baseline testing 3 ways (Luebbee only did 1 test) and describing the current hearing aid options.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Tedd Wilcox, on Google

Taylor has been very helpful and patient working with me and the new hearing aids. She answers every question and offers many useful tips. I would recommend her to my friends.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Larry Henderson, on Google

I made an appointment for a hearing test which was completed today. Tyler was professional and friendly explaining everything as we went along. She provided a detailed description of the results and reviewed next steps. I recommend this facility to anyone needing these kind of services.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Bill Newby, on Google

1) the scheduler was extremely pleasant and friendly, and very knowledgeable about my preferred Echo location. She even wished me an early birthday. 2) Karen is always extremely helpful and explores every problem solving option to rectify any hearing aid issue I have. She is a joy to talk, and...

Reviewer Profile Photo

Adelyn Thomas, on Google

It is a very calming and relaxing office. Great to work with and very clear about what to expect.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Robert Klie, on Google

We want for a consultation/second opinion. Dr Taylor was delightful and explained everything to us very clearly. An extremely positive experience.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Ian Baird, on Google

I have been going there for a few years. The people there are knowledgeable and friendly. They let me know that my hearing aids are still under warranty for another year The testing shows my hearing has only changed a little bit. Some suggestions were made and I was satisfied...

Reviewer Profile Photo

Al Clapsaddle, on Google

I had an excellent experience at Echo Hearing today. The testing didn’t take very long, and Dr. Taylor explained the results clearly. She gave me her recommendation and answered my questions about hygiene. I’m well pleased.

Reviewer Profile Photo

Lois McAdoo, on Google

Some of the best customer service I have received in any business anywhere. I was able to get a somewhat last minute appointment, was seen a bit early, and my issues were solved that had not been at two other hearing aid businesses all while I felt truly listened to,...

Reviewer Profile Photo

Bialek Family, on Google